Definition of brack in English:



  • A cake or bun containing dried fruit.

    • ‘The competition for November is for a home-made brack.’
    • ‘A glance into one of the bags could reveal anything such as toys, apples, bracks.’
    • ‘Entrants will be invited to bake a brack and bring along their home-made barmbrack to a special afternoon tea event and prize-giving at the museum on Saturday, October 25.’
    • ‘Further events include the Rathdowney / Donoghmore Vintage Car Outing, the tea brack competition sponsored by the Kitchen and Foodhall, Portlaoise, the dog show and the junior hunt chase.’
    • ‘And there are plenty of people enjoying all the Halloween bracks that were given out on the night!’
    • ‘But although these 12 came out on top, they weren't the only lucky ones, as many others went home with bracks!’
    • ‘On one occasion she mistakenly entered a half-cooked brack and won first place!’
    • ‘Once again, the cuppa tea and sandwiches and brack provided by Johnny and Mary Flaherty at half-time was very welcome.’
    • ‘There will also be a fine array of seasonal bracks among the prizes this week.’
    • ‘One of the most popular Christmas lines is brack, either the traditional Yorkshire variety or the new sticky stem ginger brack.’
    • ‘So much so that we could not manage a piece of Botham's famous Yorkshire brack with butter described as ‘moist, fruity in an infusion of Resolution tea’.’
    • ‘In the deepening dark, over endless cups of Barry tea, and slices of brack (this detail compounds the sense of ritual), she confides the details of a life lived out in fear and cowed confinement, and of dreams imploded.’
    • ‘It's on a bleak January day, the first football Sunday of the year that you appreciate a welcome cuppa of hot tea and the sandwiches and brack prepared for the match officials on match day in Tuam Stadium.’
    • ‘Mugs of tea surreptitiously laced with whiskey were handed around while biscuits, cakes and bracks, compliments of O'Hara's of Foxford, were as plentiful as confetti at a wedding.’
    • ‘Her beautiful sausage rolls, salmon roulade, really special tea brack and strawberry and raspberry swiss rolls disappeared as quickly as they were handed around.’
    • ‘The November competition is for the best homebaked Hallow'een brack.’
    • ‘Afterwards the congregation was invited to the assembly hall where the ladies served up a wonderful tea with all sorts of cakes, brack and home-made biscuits.’
    • ‘During the interval a variety of edibles including bracks and soft drinks were served by the members of Friends of Aras Attracta.’
    • ‘A brack with large currants and raisins was a treat and roast apples with custard and sugar was eaten heartily.’
    • ‘Business was brisk and it wasn't long before the customers departed, bearing away the delicious cakes, tarts, mince pies, bread and bracks together with other miscellaneous goods.’


Shortening of barmbrack.