Definition of braai in English:



South African
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    short for braaivleis
    • ‘A braai is like a barbecue, only without the potato salad.’
    • ‘In the bungalow next to ours was a farm family from the KwaZulu-Natal region near Swaziland, who invited us over one night for a braai, a barbecue of steak and sausages.’
    • ‘Cyclists, tired but in high spirits, joined the fun after they finished, relaxing with their families, picnics and braais.’
    • ‘It is the base of myriad sweetish wines locally called Stein, often sold by the 5-l box, a frequent fixture at a braai, as barbecues are known in Afrikaans.’
    • ‘A long canter brings us to lunch camp where our crew awaits with a tasty braai of mutton ribs.’
    • ‘Adults celebrate birthdays, frequently with a braai - the equivalent of the American barbecue.’
    • ‘People gather at weekends and special occasions at multi-family barbecues called braais, where community bonds are strengthened.’
    • ‘The flat has a deck overlooking the park where they have the odd braais with friends.’
    • ‘However, I will eat chicken at a braai if necessary, but cannot stand red meat or seafood.’
    • ‘Willem's favourite meals to make are anything traditionally South African, from braais to potjies and spits.’
    • ‘These will include, amongst others, a seafood braai in Knysna, a traditional African meal in the Karoo, Ostrich steaks on an Ostrich farm, and dining at a Wine Estate in the Cape Winelands.’
    • ‘Twice a year the Association organises Spring and Autumn days which consist of three-hour walks followed by a social braai (barbecue).’
    • ‘Tonight we get together for a braai with Jon, Andrew and Debbie and our dear friends from Pietermaritzburg, Des and Lyn.’
    • ‘We held the hen night here at the house, so the men all left and went to have a braai somewhere else.’
    • ‘I like to keep my food quite traditional, the only time that I use spices is when I make a braai, when I add piri piri and curry powder to fresh fish or mutton.’
    • ‘I wonder what these verses meant to them, and if the spit braai was with family or friends, if it was a time to remember?’
    • ‘He said men should hold camps on the eve of the game where they will watch videos, have braais and chat about the team.’
    • ‘In the heat of our prehistoric past when was the first braai (barbecue)?’
    • ‘The tour buses then made their way to Thokoza Park and Moroka Dam, two severely neglected areas in Soweto but now showcase green spots where Sowetans enjoy braais and picnics every weekend.’
    • ‘Most ironic though, is the South African barbecue, or as we call it, the braai.’
    1. 1.1 A structure on which a fire can be made for the outdoor grilling of meat.
      • ‘While there is a blanket ban on beach umbrellas, hard cooler-boxes, portable braais and deckchairs alternative arrangements have been made inside the ground to compensate.’
      • ‘How is it that one careless match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box to start the braai fire?’
      • ‘If the weather does not play ball we simply move the party indoors, and put the braai under a shelter.’
      • ‘No braais will be allowed at Zoo Lake and visitors can take picnic hampers or buy food from the local vendors.’
      • ‘Mostly, they say, it's done on the stove, but when the weather has allowed, they've done it outside in a heavy-based pot on a braai.’
      • ‘Lazing on a Saturday afternoon watching TV a few years ago, a tall, bald Brit sat on a rock on a mountain in front of a makeshift braai.’
      • ‘N $120 for petrol, N $80 for a braai and around N $75 for the daily entrance fee was an expenditure you still could afford every two months.’
      • ‘They should try lighting a braai fire in the teeth of a Cape blizzard with a friend who says he can't help because he has a beer in each hand.’
      • ‘A series of curved half-metre high walls with convenient built-in braais have been built down the centre of the lower half of the Park, making for very pleasant outdoor spaces.’
      • ‘They've lit a braai, or barbecue, and they're brewing tea and frying boerewors, spicy Afrikaner sausage.’
      • ‘A braai is a South African barbecue, but the grill is larger and hotter than anything I'd seen at home, and the same goes for the meat.’
      • ‘Smaller groups come with their meat and braais and enjoy the lush surrounds.’
      • ‘There's a range of healthy meals and snacks available and, come supper, you'll only be too happy to wolf down lasagne, fish done on the braai or crayfish, if the diving has been good.’
      • ‘Cement block braais along the seafront at Kwelera (some now vandalised) were built with ratepayers' money clearly, where they are not allowed.’
      • ‘I really enjoy making what I need - from baking the most delicious bread to hammering a table together or building a brick braai (barbecue to you outlanders).’
      • ‘The food vendors work together: one person brings a gas stove for cooking chicken, while another will use his or her gas braai for cooking beef.’
      • ‘Put bleachers in the centres of all the major cities and bedeck them with flowers, pack the braais, bring the wife and kids, wax down ye olde cat-o-nine tails and re-introduce public flogging for miscreants of this nature, I say.’
      • ‘You're invited to bring along your picnic basket and blanket but no fires or braais are permitted.’
      • ‘They have never known how much fun can be had simply by watching your caddy struggle to carry two golf bags, a cooler box, a portable braai and two hunting rifles.’
      • ‘On weekends residents brought braais and picnics, playing music and relaxing, he added.’


[with object]South African
  • Grill (meat) over an open fire.

    • ‘Visitors to the new beach in Walvis Bay will have the chance to braai their meat, a favourite with the Namibian public.’
    • ‘He told how he and fellow young boys used to steal pigs, slaughter them and braai them in the bushes.’
    • ‘They covered topics such as measures to take when storing food at room temperature, and how to handle and braai meat in open areas to ensure that food is not contaminated.’
    • ‘Instead of braaing chops and buying carbonated beverages by the gross, the new trend is whole food, waters, juices and teas, as well as time spent ‘relaxing’ in a gym.’
    • ‘She prepares pap, rice, ‘idombolo’ and soup at home and braais chicken and beef on a gas stove at the stadium because ‘the tantalising smell of braaiing meat drives hungry supporters mad and entices them to sample my cuisine’.’
    • ‘On the menu this week are braaied mopane worms and spicy termites at Wits, plus the Wits Choir, a bird fair, UJ's new gallery opening, Joburg's great shops, hiking, art, and walking The Wilds.’
    • ‘Poking fun at the crumbling edifice of Afrikaner culture, subverting the images, distorting the holy icons and braaing the sacred cows, bitterkomix creators Joe Dog and Conrad Botes do what they do best - make comics.’
    • ‘We all know that cows, sheep and pigs are quite happy to be chopped up and braaied or fried with a green salad on the side, but when it comes to the smaller mammals, you have to do your homework.’
    • ‘At midday, you can join the bugs for lunch, and sink your teeth into braaied mopane worms, grasshoppers dipped in chocolate, or spicy termites.’
    • ‘These antelope bones appeared to have been braaied - or to use a word more commonly understood outside South Africa, the hominid bands sheltering in these caves seemed to have enjoyed regular antelope barbecues.’
    • ‘And if there is still space after a goat head one may want to try Shakukuta place, where they specialise in braaing chicken.’
    • ‘Just outside the pub, in Quartz Street, is The Braai & Meat, a small outdoor restaurant, with happy customers tucking into pap and braaied meat.’