Definition of bra in English:



  • 1An undergarment worn by women to support the breasts.

    • ‘I say, for both maternity and nursing, wear regular underwire bras in the closest size to what you should be wearing that you can find.’
    • ‘One of my bras lost an underwire in the washing machine a few months back.’
    • ‘Women were burning bras because they were a symbol of oppression which is in contrast to your view as bras as support.’
    • ‘Hanging bras on a hook in your closet prevents the underwire from getting twisted and pulled, as it would in a dresser drawer.’
    • ‘The figures in Bathers sport various combinations of underpants, undershirts and bras.’
    • ‘They have built-in support bras that come in a range of adjustable sizes.’
    • ‘To avoid severe chaffing, endurance athletes should look for bras that are seamless.’
    • ‘Underwear makers promote support bras made without an underwire, as even a small bit of metal can trigger a sensitive alarm.’
    • ‘Two-thirds of the fitters recommended bras with the wrong underwire shape, according to the report.’
    • ‘For a long time, women have worn traditional bras that are supported by shoulder and back straps.’
    • ‘I look at my clock, standing in my bra and underwear while ironing my shirt of choice.’
    • ‘She doesn't just sell her underwear, though: slips, bras, body stockings, and socks are all hot sellers.’
    • ‘Those who stay there wear maroon robes with no bras or underwear.’
    • ‘Of course, the other major component of any woman's lingerie collection is her bras.’
    • ‘For underwear, especially sports bras, visit Debenhams or Jenners; both have a good selection in stock.’
    • ‘Lovable made bras and lingerie, supplying retailers that also included Sears and Victoria's Secret.’
    • ‘If underwire bras are run though a washing machine, their wires will poke out for sure.’
    • ‘I had shoes and dresses and they were beautiful, now all I needed was underwear, bras and socks and I would be happy.’
    • ‘Keep in mind, though, that with or without underwires, bras with no straps will not be as supportive.’
    • ‘Still, there's no way to put a good spin on the situation in the lingerie department, where most of the cutest bras are B cup and bigger.’
    1. 1.1North American A carbon-based cover that fits over the front bumper of a car.
      • ‘It comes from the same place that gave the world pet psychiatrists, pet rocks and car bras.’
      • ‘Make sure that the car bra you purchase is for the specific make and model of your vehicle.’


1930s: abbreviation of brassiere.