Definition of boyishly in English:



  • See boyish

    • ‘His face is open and boyishly innocent, and he possesses an understated yet intense personal charisma.’
    • ‘If I have any complaint about the art it's in the samey-ness of his short-cropped, boyishly bodied women.’
    • ‘A black silk shirt hung open from his shoulders, baring a boyishly smooth and muscular torso for a man who says he's 69 and is alleged by various old spoilers down south to be as much as five years older.’
    • ‘His charisma was of the kind that lit up a room as soon as he entered it, boyishly handsome even after his hair began to grey, with movie-star good looks that many women found irresistible.’
    • ‘Sure, you already knew that Ken's funny, smart, insightful, and boyishly handsome, but did you know he can also sing and dance?’