Definition of boyf in English:



  • A person's boyfriend.

    ‘she's just been dumped by her boyf’
    • ‘Well, I went for dinner with my gorgeous boyf.’
    • ‘I just grumbled and grumbled about how dull, dull, dull football was and how mean, mean, mean my beastly boyf was to drag me there.’
    • ‘With her great job, fab boyf and gorgeous co-presenter, she's got a lot to smile about.’
    • ‘It's hard now that my boyf has started up studying again.’
    • ‘Anyway, I got to wondering why I don't have a boyf.’
    • ‘She is not the first to share (or enforce) her beliefs on me, and my boyf has experienced the same from people he knows.’
    • ‘I've become more organised with my social life, because I know that if I didn't make the effort I could easily end up not seeing anyone apart from the people I live with and maybe the boyf.’
    • ‘I need something for when I go out with my new boyf: any suggestions?’
    • ‘Stick with your boyf and let him know the choice you had to make.’
    • ‘Julia is his long-suffering girlfriend Samantha who is not at all happy about her boyf's continuing criminal activities.’
    • ‘I have a feeling sis + boyf won't get married, but I must ask them - Mandy is very modern in some ways, quite traditional in others.’
    • ‘I helped my boyf get a very prestigious research grant.’
    lover, sweetheart, loved one, love, beloved, darling, dearest, young man, man friend, man, escort, suitor, wooer, admirer, worshipper, follower
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1990s: abbreviation.