Definition of boy toy in English:

boy toy


  • A young woman considered sexually attractive to men.

    • ‘Think of it as if VH1 did a Behind the Blog episode - it would be just like Behind the Music without the groupies, bimbos, boy toys, massive drug use, fisticuffs, arrests, and downward arc to the narrative.’
    • ‘We have laughs and I meet his friends and latest boy toys.’
    • ‘Some feminists allege that the treatment of sex in these magazines objectifies females, preparing their young readers for wasted lives as passive boy toys.’
    • ‘Why shouldn't you go out with other guys sometimes, now that your little boy toy's gone for a whole year?’
    • ‘So off to the after party I went, and drink I did - shoulder-to-shoulder with Alan and his boy toy.’
    • ‘‘My emphasis, my priority, is my family, absolutely, 100 percent,’ the former boy toy told Larry King.’
    • ‘Devin went off to London with his boy toy.’


1980s: inversion of toy boy.