Definition of boy racer in English:

boy racer


  • A youth or young man fond of driving very fast and aggressively in high-powered cars.

    ‘the car is the dream of every boy racer’
    as modifier ‘the company's series of ‘boy-racer’ machines has proved highly successful’
    • ‘But, like the misguided boy racer who thinks he's a great driver, does he ever look in his rear view mirror to see the wreckage he leaves behind?’
    • ‘It started with me nearly getting killed by a boy racer with a Burberry cap on driving on the wrong side of the road up hill using his mobile phone.’
    • ‘It was not the first meeting police have held in an attempt to solve the boy racer issue.’
    • ‘On that basis, do the boy racer magazines cause dangerous driving?’
    • ‘Motorway driving often feels like a battle for survival as you weave around the Metro hogging the middle lane while watching out for the boy racer hammering down the outside.’
    • ‘It's low down with arms outstretched and, with the two-tone leather seats, it appeals to the boy racer in everyone.’
    • ‘There is obviously still a streak of the Essex boy racer in Kemp and he is not afraid to indulge it when he gets the chance.’
    • ‘The jury was shown photographs of the wrecked Honda including what Mr Vardon described as ‘the almost tell-tale sign of the boy racer, the sports seats in the Honda.’’
    • ‘Charging through the field like a boy racer sweeping past the elderly out for a Sunday drive, he finished an amazing fourth, just 11 seconds behind the winner, Neal.’
    • ‘Driving home from work this evening I had, shall we say, a small ‘run in’ with a boy racer.’
    • ‘Some boy racer has just driven into the back of someone with a sickening crash.’
    • ‘Steve and Linda will be riding a modern Triumph Bonneville, a modern version of the boy racer Bonneville popular in the 1950s to the 1970s.’
    • ‘A pensioner caught on camera doing 95 mph in a 60 mph zone has kept his licence - after telling a court he had felt pressured by a boy racer driving behind him.’
    • ‘All it takes is a boy racer to cut a corner and there will be a terrible accident.’
    • ‘Take your average boy racer car and cut the roof off.’
    • ‘Driving hatchbacks with lowered suspensions and alloy wheels, they fit the boy racer profile.’
    • ‘‘I'm a 35-year-old adult who owns my own business so, for a start, I am not your stereotypical boy racer,’ he said.’
    • ‘The second shows a boy racer tearing through traffic and around a corner.’
    • ‘We saw yesterday, in the provision for the seizure of cars under the boy racer legislation, that the onus of proof is now on the defendant, not the prosecutor.’
    • ‘What really bugs me though is on motorways when you get a real boy racer two inches from your rear bumper and driving aggressively at you to intimidate you or get you to shift out of the way.’


boy racer