Definition of boxthorn in English:



  • A thorny shrub of warm-temperate regions, which bears red berries. Some kinds are used for hedging.

    Genus Lycium, family Solanaceae: several species (see also tea tree (sense 2 of the noun))

    • ‘I discovered there is boxthorn there after all - horrible plant with two-inch spikes - but none of the giant ones that are growing near Paekakariki luckily.’
    • ‘The driver's area is surrounded by a grid of steel to protect the operator during the blade-belting battle against boxthorn and barberry.’
    • ‘We stopped by the thick boxthorn and Mum and Dad said, ‘We'll have lunch and then we'll go to the beach’.’
    • ‘Athletes battle to get over a boxthorn hedge at Hurworth during the West Coast Cross Country Championships in 1962.’
    • ‘The plant, which occurs wild in most of Asia and has become naturalized in Europe, may also be referred to as Chinese boxthorn.’
    • ‘Stevenson says he's been collecting things for more than 70 years, including pieces of derelict vehicles found under boxthorn hedges.’
    • ‘Back then farmers were worried that the hedgecutters might destroy their hedges and often asked for guarantees that the boxthorn was going to survive the ordeal.’
    • ‘And develop it they did, firstly planting boxthorn hedges for shelter and stringing ordinary wire through their fence posts, as steel wire seemed to withstand the salt spray better than galvanised.’