Definition of Boxgrove man in English:

Boxgrove man


  • A fossil hominid of the Middle Pleistocene period, whose fragmentary remains were found at Boxgrove near Chichester, south-eastern England, in 1993 and 1995. Dated (controversially) to about 500,000 years ago, it is one of the earliest known humans in Europe.

    Homo heidelbergensis (or H. erectus), family Hominidae

    • ‘The small town of Boxgrove is just outside Chichester on the way from Arundel where the famous Boxgrove man was dug up.’
    • ‘These are the remains of ‘Boxgrove man’, the earliest ancestral human yet found in Britain.’
    • ‘And then Boxgrove man and his tribe departed, leaving one human shin as evidence that they walked in, and walked out again.’
    • ‘Bones from large animals such as rhinos, horses and hippos were covered with cut marks where Boxgrove man used stone blades to slash and butcher the animals for their meat.’
    • ‘The remains of Boxgrove Man were found in a quarry at Boxgrove, near Chichester, West Sussex, South England.’


Boxgrove man

/ˈbɒksɡrəʊv man/