Definition of box turtle in English:

box turtle


  • A land-living turtle which has a lower shell with hinged lobes that can be drawn up tightly to enclose the animal. It is native to North America and Mexico and is commonly kept as a pet in the US.

    Genus Terrapene, family Emydidae: several species

    • ‘Whenever their door opened, a mushroom-cloud odor of gym socks and box turtles wafted through the house.’
    • ‘For example, in places like Maryland, you don't see a lot of box turtles anymore.’
    • ‘To prevent a robot uprising robots are incapable of producing new robots, a task left to song birds and box turtles.’
    • ‘The area's forests, grasslands, scrublands, and pine barrens will now be managed to protect the public water supply and habitat for wildlife such as whippoorwills, upland sandpipers, and eastern box turtles.’
    • ‘Once, while easing around a thick motte, I glanced down and saw an ornate box turtle in the grass.’
    • ‘The only genus of this family positively identified was Terrapene, the box turtles.’
    • ‘Years ago, one of my box turtles, Louise, ran away - and I always imagined she went on a great adventure.’
    • ‘Gardener snakes, grass snakes, ground beetles, box turtles, salamanders, ducks, and larvae of lightning bugs all feed on snails.’
    • ‘One misty evening, a couple of weeks after discovering the exhumed snapping turtle eggs, I happened upon two box turtles digging nest cavities at the side of a dirt road.’
    • ‘The researchers took eastern box turtles captive for a day and identified seeds in their excrement.’
    • ‘This evaluation of pulling forces associated with box turtle locomotion thus revealed some interesting and, at times unexpected, relationships.’
    • ‘This was the case in 1997 when the U.S. set a zero quota for the commercial export of Appendix-II box turtles (Terrapene spp.).’
    • ‘The Chinese three-striped box turtle, a purported cancer cure, can fetch up to $1,200 on the black market.’
    • ‘This three-toed box turtle was wandering through the backyard and took shelter under a big hosta when I arrived with the camera.’
    • ‘The turtles - pond turtles and the box turtles with hinged shells - are out in force on the roads and us Rural Studio kids stop to move them out of the way in memory of Sambo.’
    • ‘In contrast, the ornate box turtle and northern populations of the painted turtle frequently overwinter in shallower soils and, when unable to avoid freezing, show a remarkable tolerance for the formation of ice in their body tissues.’
    • ‘It takes a child, under the age of 7, doing the Squeeky Shoe dance… and an ornamental box turtle doing the Happy Turtle Wants Some Moisture dance.’
    • ‘Gray squirrels, opossums, and box turtles live in a forest of guiana-plums, milkbarks, and inkwoods.’
    • ‘The shell of the box turtle is so strong it can readily support a weight 200 times greater than its own; a man with proportionate supporting power could bear up two large African elephants!’
    • ‘A year earlier she'd bought a pair of flesh-eating Chinese box turtles with pointed noses and spooky translucent skin.’