Definition of box spanner in English:

box spanner


  • A cylindrical spanner with a hexagonal end fitting over the head of a nut.

    • ‘We offer automotive tools, automotive hand tools, press tools, industrial tools, automotive engineering tools, multi stage press tools, pipe wrenches, tubular box spanners, 2 in 1 screw drivers and slip joint pliers.’
    • ‘If it's just the switch then I may have wasted 15 quid on a heating element and box spanner I don't need, but since the other element in the tank blew a few months ago, I'm willing to take the risk.’
    • ‘Having a 52 mm box spanner is a godsend and will make things much easier when reassembling too.’
    • ‘Standard style torque spanners as well as box spanners for applications with high packing densities are available.’
    • ‘The product range includes open-ended jaw, ring, combination and tubular box spanners, pliers, pipes/wheels/filters wrenches, chisels, vices, hacksaws, bearing pullers, wrecking bars and nail pullers, carpenter tools and punches etc.’
    • ‘The operation is executed mechanically with a square box spanner or directly from the loading ramp through a foot pedal and a hand lever.’
    • ‘The 10 mm box spanner is also $19.95 plus shipping and handling.’
    • ‘Our double ended tubular box spanner is available in various sizes and lengths.’