Definition of box someone's ears in English:

box someone's ears


  • Slap someone on the side of the head, especially as a punishment.

    ‘stop hanging back or I'll box your ears’
    • ‘When I once rushed in and called her by her Christian name she boxed my ears.’
    • ‘Guess it's better than being called any of these names, but if he does it again tomorrow morning, I may reach through the camera and box his ears.’
    • ‘But speaking as someone who has his intelligence insulted on a weekly basis by modern movies, there's something thrilling about a picture that boxes your ears and forces you to sit up and pay attention.’
    • ‘The Doctors fear Georgie shall be our only son, but do not say that to Anne, lest she box your ears.’
    • ‘If I weren't a pacifist, I would have boxed his ears.’
    • ‘But Mr X took serious umbrage at my tinkling laughter - and wanted to box my ears!’
    • ‘I could have boxed his ears and found some ways of permanently keeping him away from me.’
    • ‘‘He put a red-hot boiled potato down my back,’ explained Bill, ‘and then mashed it with his foot; and I boxed his ears.’’
    • ‘And if you call me peach one more time, I'm gonna box your ears.’
    • ‘Then he muttered about how Cor would have boxed his ears or cuffed him upside the back of the head while telling him ‘I told you pride would bite you in the butt one day.’’
    cuff, strike, hit, thump, slap, smack, crack, swat, punch, jab, knock, thwack, bang, wallop, batter, pummel, buffet
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