Definition of box set in English:

box set

(also boxed set)


  • A set of related items, typically books or recordings, packaged together in a box and sold as a unit.

    • ‘Many of these 17 tracks have been available on other albums, on bootleg or on the Good Vibrations box set.’
    • ‘The original NBC batch of episodes would make a great boxed set.’
    • ‘As a box set it isn't cheap but, hey, there are lifetimes in here.’
    • ‘Sony is offering the series either in a box set or single disc volumes with five episodes each.’
    • ‘The DVD box set of Season 4 is out now.’
    • ‘Extras are the best feature of this box set.’
    • ‘That footage was from the 25th anniversary box set "Elvis: The Definitive Collection."’
    • ‘Let Pops revel in his favorite series by gifting him a DVD box set of his favorite TV series.’
    • ‘This documentary appeared on the earlier laserdisc box set also.’
    • ‘I still have the old mad paperbacks, and I bought the big box sets…’
    • ‘A new boxed set will set you back about three hundred.’
    • ‘Considering most who buy the box set already have these songs, it seems extraneous.’
    • ‘Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi will be released as a box set on September 21.’
    • ‘HBO has also included plenty of worthwhile extras to round out the box set.’
    • ‘He stops to touch a new edition of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, all three volumes in a boxed set.’
    • ‘At 120 songs total, this deluxe boxed set is the most comprehensive survey of the genre ever.’
    • ‘This is a handsomely produced boxed set, containing nearly 10 hours of material (not including extra features).’
    • ‘These are fun, but if they release a box set without them later, you won't miss them.’
    • ‘And within this box set too, there are a lot of quotes and sort of personal comments from the Beatles.’
    • ‘For a television series boxed set, you cannot ask for more than this.’