Definition of box seat in English:

box seat


  • 1A seat in a box in a theatre or sports stadium.

    • ‘Perhaps my company can get box seats for the hearings.’
    • ‘Many of the approximately 300 box seats are nearly all sold.’
    • ‘I hadn't merited this much attention since I'd had the nerve to drink Budweiser in my box seat at the Hollywood Bowl.’
    • ‘First-row box seats could be had for a mere $1, 500.’
    • ‘Word of mouth, from box seats to bleachers, from generation to generation, will suffice.’
    • ‘If you haven't got a ticket for the match you an enjoy directors' box seats and your pre-match three course carvery for £75 for adults and £50 for juniors.’
    • ‘Joyce voices her variation of the line uttered since Roman children sold box seats in the coliseum to raise money for new school togas.’
    • ‘I had been up in Bert's favorite seat, the box seat closest to the stage the right of the stage, watching your angelic self read silently.’
    • ‘Along the sides, a line of box seats extended onto the platform itself.’
    • ‘The two octagonal platforms - one open, the other covered - are Connected by a slender bridge and stair to form an elegant box seat for a particularly operatic water view.’
    • ‘It sent a letter inviting each of those people and up to five guests to a day at the track with a free program, box seat, $2 mutuel voucher, and a visit from the general manager.’
    • ‘Low crystal chandeliers hang down just below the box seats of the balcony; currently, they block the view of the stage for many of the guests on the upper level, an imposition that will be rectified by the time the performance starts.’
    • ‘They should head back to Scotland and take their executive box seats at the Edinburgh International Military Tattoo, which they are now sponsoring.’
    • ‘He looked at me in a guilty sort of way, and Diaz and Enrico were to my left and right, enjoying their box seat for the show.’
    • ‘Ignorance is good enough for some, as long as they can observe the carnage from a box seat on the moral high ground.’
    • ‘Luxury-box deductions were restricted to half the cost of a top box seat plus reasonable food and beverage expenses.’
    • ‘Every home game he maneuvers his classic Volkswagen bug down to the ballgame, finds his mid-mob box seat, and enjoys imagining himself in the game.’
    • ‘There was no way he wanted to miss the game, his friend managed to get them box seats for the basketball game, and Taylor was the last person who would want to miss that game.’
    • ‘With a final smile, I passed him the beverage and watched him walk towards the stairs to his box seats high above the fans.’
    • ‘As in the Chicago Auditorium, two tiers of box seats with arched fronts lined the sides of the auditorium above the lower orchestra.’
  • 2historical A coachman's seat.

    • ‘Her disheveled head appeared, and with the wagon shaking precariously, she managed to climb out onto the box seat.’
    • ‘Jonathan had caught the edge of the wagon box, but as he pulled on it, trying to climb back up onto the box seat, the wagon began to tip.’


  • in the box seat

    • informal In an advantageous position.

      • ‘Middlesbrough were always in the box seat, and could have extended their lead on the counter attack as Wanderers threw more and more players forward.’
      • ‘Still, you can't argue about landing in the box seat.’
      • ‘The big win puts the Australians in the box seat to finish second in their pool after Argentina downed Tunisia 2-0.’
      • ‘Now that the Australian public service has, rather gingerly, begun recruiting again, Gen Xers are in the box seat.’
      • ‘She did not say that Ireland's ambition of a semi-final spot was gone, but pragmatist that she is, it was left unsaid that she felt the Spanish were now in the box seat for a top four place’
      • ‘His teammates know a win will place them in the box seat for a Tri-Nations title.’
      • ‘If fear and loathing reigns, Howard will be in the box seat.’
      • ‘Wales began the second half with a little more venom, but once again, the Springboks soon found themselves in the box seat.’
      • ‘The problem is the Sharks are in the box seat in this situation.’
      • ‘He said words to the effect that he wished to keep the matter under review and to keep himself in the box seat, and that is not at all unusual in the case of mortgagees, in my experience.’


box seat