Definition of box of tricks in English:

box of tricks


  • An ingenious gadget.

    ‘all those magical effects were produced by this little box of tricks here’
    • ‘The result is that you feel that you are watching a clever box of tricks: theatre almost entirely reduced to a few ingenious lighting effects.’
    • ‘It wasn't, as coaches are fond of saying, pretty, but it was certainly effective and the visitors did score three tries straight out of their favourite box of tricks.’
    • ‘The technology involves a small box of tricks in each customer's office or home which will process the packets of information down the phone line 40 times faster than at present.’
    • ‘The internal combustion engine reveals it secrets easily, and lends itself to modification, whereas the mobile phone is a sealed box of tricks in a barely ‘customisable’ shell.’
    • ‘But it is the children's box of tricks that seems most emblematic of her surprise resignation.’
    • ‘We used to get a lot of inventors turn up at Northam with a box of tricks for us to look at.’
    • ‘There is no culture shock, simply a surrender to a seductively exotic world where Elsinore is a rectangular battlement with twisting staircases and a lacquer box of tricks that slowly opens to reveal its secrets.’
    • ‘It all smacks of pennypinching, a cheap box of tricks that may be no more effective than sticking a plaster on a severed artery.’
    • ‘However, it's planning to use this box of tricks as a entertainment hub for the home including internet phone calls and video-on-demand.’
    • ‘The Claymores, though, need to unlock their box of tricks, for a loss in the German capital would leave them with a 1-3 record.’