Definition of box number in English:

box number


  • A number identifying a private advertisement in a newspaper and functioning as an address for replies.

    • ‘She could then dial their mail box number, give the password, and check for messages without calling their home number.’
    • ‘The man's personal e-mail ID and the box number in which to apply followed.’
    • ‘He was critical of people who often leave their weapons within their vehicles and added that anybody selling a firearm through a newspaper should only use a box number and never include their address or telephone number in the advert.’
    • ‘I also ignored the anonymous ads that required its respondents to reply in confidence to a box number.’
    • ‘They just leave their personals box number for you.’
    • ‘Having made contact through a box number, we spoke on the telephone to arrange a photography session.’
    • ‘The letter, which came from an address in London, tells recipients to quote box numbers when replying.’
    • ‘The magazine uses box numbers to protect the privacy of subscribers and warns readers it cannot be held responsible for dealings between advertisers and correspondents.’
    • ‘This rang a bell at the appropriate call box number at the main telegraph room in city hall.’
    • ‘She placed an ad in a London daily asking for relatives in Africa to contact Mrs. Neele at a box number.’


box number