Definition of box kite in English:

box kite


  • A tailless kite in the form of a long box open at each end.

    • ‘A dream project of the group is to make a three-dimensional box kite.’
    • ‘So, you want to build a box kite but you have a limited budget.’
    • ‘The World War Two box kites, which were carried by aircraft in case the pilot had to ditch in the sea, were so-called because they had a narrow waist reminiscent of the members of a wartime dance troupe.’
    • ‘Older children will make traditional box kites and at the end of each workshop participants will fly their kites (weather permitting).’
    • ‘The kite kits they sell have become more extravagant, too, with jar-shaped kites, crab and box kites now on offer.’
    • ‘This plan describes the original shape of the box kite.’
    • ‘When the chicks hatched Hernan went up again, checking out the nests while the parents and auxiliaries seethed around his head like a swarm of belligerent box kites.’
    • ‘It looks like one of Alexander Graham Bell's magnificent box kites, just lifting off the hill in back of his Nova Scotia home.’
    • ‘There were serpents, spiders, box kites, ungainly human-shaped kites wobbling in the wind, to name just a few.’
    • ‘Here is a box kite that is framed a little differently.’


box kite