Definition of box elder in English:

box elder


  • An American maple with leaves that resemble those of the elder and green or purplish twigs.

    Acer negundo, family Aceraceae

    • ‘Some species, particularly those that grow naturally along water courses and are subject to periodic siltation such as box elder, willow, and sycamore, will tolerate a moderate amount of fill.’
    • ‘We dropped into it every day from a tire swing roped to a box elder and poled around in it on our rafts and constructed elaborate mud cities on its shores.’
    • ‘A quick glance toward the box elder trees told me that it was not yet time to go to the maple grove, but the drip-drip-drip from the eaves of our house kept tugging at my thoughts.’
    • ‘The entrance is framed by a forest canopy of hackberry, with flowering dogwood, wild black cherry, and box elder forming a lush secondary layer.’
    • ‘American elm, honey locust, and box elder line the small creek, whose waters ultimately flow into the Iowa River.’
    • ‘The park is closed to overnight camping, but visitors are welcomed to tour the park and picnic under the box elder trees during daylight hours.’
    • ‘Brilliant bigtooth maple, velvet ash, and box elder leaves float on mirror-smooth pools and stick to hiking boots.’
    • ‘The floodplains contained cottonwood, willow, box elder, and soft maple.’
    • ‘The permanent spring-fed stream supports a tree canopy of box elder, juniper, and sycamore.’
    • ‘In waterside habitats in the eastern mountains, box elder and green ash grow with American elm, eastern cottonwood, red-osier dogwood, and Bebb willow.’
    • ‘You can make syrup from silver or red maple, box elder, and even birch trees, but sugar maples are the most effective choice for sweet sap.’
    • ‘The lush grass; meandering, ‘clear as crystal’ Yellowstone; and the box elder, cottonwood, and pine along its banks and on the hills dazzled him.’
    • ‘In its natural state pin oak is found growing with red maple, green ash, box elder, sweet gum, and elm.’
    • ‘They had been feeding on a mule deer carcass just across the Virgin River to the west, in a long meadow among the cottonwood, box elder, and ash trees.’
    • ‘Within our study area, early larval feeding is restricted primarily to box elder.’
    • ‘Floodplain forest is thick with green ash, American elm, sycamore, cottonwood, and silver maple, with box elder near the water's edge.’
    • ‘Among them is box elder, a member of the maple family with compound leaves, and green haw, which has two-inch-long curved spines on some or all of its branches and sometimes even on its trunk.’
    • ‘The curious often stopped to explore the caves, while others found the fresh spring water and cool shade of the nearby box elder trees a welcome respite from the dusty road.’
    • ‘Recently, hundreds of volunteers have planted oaks, ashes, box elders, and willows.’
    • ‘Six species present in uninfected plots, such as clover and box elder, were not found in infected plots.’