Definition of box clever in English:

box clever


  • Act so as to outwit someone.

    ‘she had to box clever, let Adam think she had accepted what he said’
    • ‘Operating strictly to Queensbury rules, they boxed clever, and their punishing alliance ended only with an error of judgement with Kay just five short of a successive three-figure profit.’
    • ‘‘There is no doubt they will box clever,’ he said.’
    • ‘And they seemed to help the two box clever, as George outpointed his opponent while Reg stopped his rival in the first round.’
    • ‘Not quite running scared, but definitely boxing clever, Dods admits there were celebrations in the Inverness dressing room when the draw for this weekend's round of the Scottish Cup was made.’
    • ‘After all Holmes has been boxing clever for years.’
    • ‘The cut re-opened but did not seem to be worrying the IBF champion who began to box clever, picking the moment for his assaults rather dashing in every second or two as normal.’
    • ‘I realise I haven't done much to boost your pensionable income lately, but you have always boxed clever financially and will have provided well for your own future.’
    • ‘I will not have two Mensa candidate sons end up illiterate and on the scrap heap with no education, no self respect, no hopes and no social skills because someone, possibly just one person, wants to box clever with the cash books.’
    • ‘The opposition parties have failed to capitalise on the government's disarray and Mr Ahern has boxed clever.’
    • ‘Fencers are boxing clever in bid to make a point over funding’