Definition of box-shifter in English:



  • A retail company which aims to maximize sales with little regard for quality or customer care.

    • ‘They have seen how Microsoft's Windows monopoly turned PC makers into commoditised box-shifters, and they are determined not to suffer the same fate.’
    • ‘The box-shifter label is traditionally attached to companies that add little value themselves.’
    • ‘As it promised investors a year ago, Apple isn't following the PC box-shifters into a price war.’
    • ‘It insists it can still differentiate itself on the hardware from the Dells and other box-shifters.’
    • ‘Over the last decade, Amstrad has evolved from a modest computer box-shifter to a manufacturer of satellite decoders.’
    • ‘Other high-turnover businesses are ‘box-shifters’ and are better suited to trade sale rather than public listing, the funders said.’
    • ‘Not having your own chip doesn't necessary mean becoming a Dell style box-shifter.’
    • ‘In his introduction to eight hours of presentations by Nokia to financial analysts in New York, he sought to dampen predictions that phone makers would become low margin box-shifters in the future.’