Definition of bowyer in English:



  • A person who makes or sells archers' bows.

    • ‘It was good to be a bowyer in this part of Britannia, where oak and walnut rubbed shoulders with massive Yew trees.’
    • ‘There are only ten traditional bowyers and twelve traditional fletchers in Korea (one of each is a friend of mine).’
    • ‘You might have learned something we have not have yet or know of something an experienced bowyer might have taught you.’
    • ‘The next morning, he returned to his usual bowyer to refill his quiver.’
    • ‘I'm a 22nd century paleontologist, not a 13th century nomadic bowyer.’
    • ‘Medieval bowyers had no choice of material but wood.’
    • ‘None of the armorers or bowyers will deal openly with him any more.’
    • ‘Once that happened, it didn't take skilled bowyers to build archery equipment.’
    • ‘But the archer was the product of years of training, and the bowyers and fletchers who supported him were craftsmen whose skills could not easily be duplicated.’
    • ‘See where bowyers are getting together in your area.’
    • ‘Most bowyers agree that white woods need a factor of 20 to 30% increase in width or length to equal the cast and speed of a premier wood bow.’
    • ‘Here, he observed fletching equipment required for the bowyers trade, along with some animal traps and the rotted remains of leather armour.’
    • ‘Chinese bowyers purchased green wood or bamboo.’