Definition of bowstring in English:



  • The string of an archer's bow, traditionally made of three strands of hemp.

    • ‘When it was fixed on the bowstring and pulled back, the arrow left the string with nothing pushing it.’
    • ‘A forked nock suitable for trackless crossbows can be made by enlarging the fork of a plastic arrow nock with a file or a heated metal rod to fit around the larger diameter of crossbow bowstrings.’
    • ‘They are worn to protect the arm from the bowstring as it moves forward after the release.’
    • ‘She replaced the bowstring on her crossbow, having broken it earlier by catching it on the sheath of her sword.’
    • ‘I would recommend that all archers, of whatever discipline, should learn to make and serve bowstrings, and set up and fletch arrows.’
    • ‘Split the bowstring strands at the marked location in line with the bow.’
    • ‘He placed it perfectly in the bow drawing the bowstring.’
    • ‘The bowstring should have enough twists to keep the string round.’
    • ‘Mark the location of the grip on the bowstring and unstring the bow.’
    • ‘Always use the manufacturer's recommended number of strands in the bowstring for the draw weight of the bow.’
    • ‘The main reason for this is that, at the instant when the arrow leaves the bowstring, parts of the bow itself are moving.’
    • ‘Some accounts of the battle say that the English archers had kept their flax bowstrings dry by putting them under their helmets as it had been raining the day before.’
    • ‘This bowstring material is precision twisted with a smooth wax finish.’
    • ‘I pulled the quiver from my shoulder and pressed the white button on the bow that sent the bowstring from one end to the other in less than a second to protect from hand shock.’
    • ‘The centre lever is depressed to set the trigger, then the rope is looped around the bowstring and locked into the jaw.’
    • ‘The easiest way of doing this is to have a ‘Tiller stick’ and a pair of bowstrings.’
    • ‘The archers drew back their bowstrings and took aim at the horde as it slowly inched forward.’
    • ‘He reached for an arrow and nocked it on the bowstring.’
    • ‘To release the arrow correctly, the fingers holding the bowstring must allow the string to slip off the fingers.’
    • ‘He had begun to poke his head up to fire at the balcony when a green flash sliced through horns, bridle, and stock, the taut bowstring and fragments of bow whipping back to gouge his arm.’


[with object]historical
  • Strangle with a bowstring (a former Turkish method of execution).

    • ‘The few that may have fled from the provinces would have been leaderless since all the provincial officers were bowstrung by the Sultan's prearranged orders.’
    • ‘"We shall all be bowstrung if his excellency thinks us wanting in respect."’
    • ‘The grand vizier was sent for by the sultan, dismissed, and bowstrung the next day.’
    put to death, carry out a sentence of death on, kill
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