Definition of bowling in English:



mass noun
  • 1The game of bowls as a sport or recreation.

    • ‘These included arts and crafts, swimming, knock out competitions, a trip to the cinema, drama, sports, bowling and a day trip out of town.’
    • ‘For Brittany, a sense of belonging is nurtured at sports like softball and bowling.’
    • ‘They've been recommended ahead of a long list of other Olympic aspirants, including squash, surfing, dance sport, bowling and chess.’
    • ‘Virtually all of Taylor's predictions about the decline of the sport of bowling have come to pass.’
    • ‘Roth is considered the man responsible for revolutionizing the sport of bowling.’
    • ‘Activities include arts and crafts, sports, swimming, bowling, cinema and a day trip.’
    • ‘I know our local association does very little to promote the sport of bowling.’
    • ‘We are spending my birthday bowling at King George Bowl in downtown Saskatoon and after that we will be retiring to Ozzie's Restaurant on Idywyld.’
    • ‘As a sport, bowling has started to shed its image as a game played strictly for weekend fun and recreation.’
    • ‘Activities included parties, shows, dinners and numerous sports competitions including football, bowling, golf and volleyball.’
    • ‘These persons may participate in low-intensity sports such as bowling, golf, billiards, and cricket.’
    • ‘There are all kinds of recreation, such as indoor bowling, card games, keep fit exercises, rings and many more.’
    • ‘Mr Heyes, 58, started bowling at Keighley AMF Bowl at 7am, cheered on by his friends and family.’
    • ‘Whether bowling is your sport of choice or you'd rather go hiking on any given day, there is a wide variety of athletic shoes to choose from.’
    • ‘The other night we took the whole cast to the Hollywood Bowl and were bowling until around 1.30 am.’
    • ‘Of course, you could also just play a normal game of bowling.’
    • ‘Billiards, bowling, chess and golf are among the few sports to allow the sexes to compete against each other.’
    • ‘Due to the accessible and adaptable nature of the game, bowling is also an ideal sport for the disabled.’
    • ‘Now, as she sat in her room, she wished that she hadn't given up bowling, a sport she actually enjoyed playing.’
    • ‘Well, now it's time for a lower impact sport, bowling, with Ciara.’
    1. 1.1 The game of tenpin bowling.
      • ‘Sports such as golf, tennis, squash, rugby and ten-pin bowling were contested.’
      • ‘They have been swimming at Dauntsey's School, horse riding at Burbage, and have also gone ten-pin bowling and ice skating.’
      • ‘Despite this, she is able to shop, cook, clean and carry out many other day-to-day tasks as well as take part in her favourite hobbies of ten-pin bowling and ice-skating.’
      • ‘Some recreational activities were retained to cater for the needs of the ADF population across all age groups, such as golf and ten-pin bowling.’
      • ‘The French flautists joined in all other activities, including ten pin bowling, sight-seeing and shopping.’
      • ‘Ten pin bowling isn't the greatest spectator sport, even if you know the people involved.’
      • ‘There had been a puffball big enough for ten-pin bowling.’
      • ‘It is comprised of computerised ten pin bowling; children's soft play areas and birthday party areas.’
      • ‘Cream teas, ten-pin bowling and a visit to Stonehenge are just some of the experiences planned for a group of exchange students due to visit Trowbridge next week.’
      • ‘As well as swimming, ten pin bowling and football, Simon is a keen actor with the Mind the Gap drama group and attends Craven College in Skipton.’
      • ‘For the more sedate, there was ten pin bowling and splat the rat.’
      • ‘They will first visit the National Aquatic Centre in Abbotstown, followed by ten pin bowling in Blanchardstown.’
      • ‘The exhausted candidate decided to unwind with a midnight game of ten-pin bowling and asked Klein to join him.’
      • ‘She would stay at mine a lot when she first came up to Scotland and we'd socialise, going ten-pin bowling or to the cinema.’
      • ‘Adare Active Retirement Association will hold ten pin bowling at the Bowling Centre, Ennis Road this Thursday.’
      • ‘At about quarter to four there was a text message from Leigh saying that if it was still raining at 5pm he would pick everyone up and we could go ten-pin bowling.’
      • ‘Brendan's chosen events are ten-pin bowling and golf.’
      • ‘The group continues to enjoy bingo and ten pin bowling on alternate Tuesdays.’
      • ‘He is more than 100 years old and enjoys ten-pin bowling and chamber music.’
      • ‘Plans to build a new £500,000 ten-pin bowling centre and roller-skate rink in Selby have finally been given the go-ahead.’
    2. 1.2 The game of skittles.
      • ‘When you spend time away from a physical skill such as bowling, your feel suffers.’
      • ‘Hoggard likes bowling simply because he likes bowling and he would rather think about his pet dog than the complexities of cricket which so fascinate many other people.’
      • ‘This float looks like a miniature skittle seen in a bowling lane.’
      • ‘Bickershaw batted first but, as has been the case all summer, Wythenshawe's superb bowling saw them skittled out for just 84.’
      • ‘For the first time in his life, he had time to devote to new hobbies, chief among them bowling.’
      • ‘It would have involved bowling frozen turkeys down the ice at skittles.’
  • 2Cricket
    The action of a bowler in sending down balls towards the batsman's wicket.

    ‘fast bowling’
    • ‘McGrath and Lee should open the bowling for Australia Thursday after England captain Michael Vaughan won the toss and decided to bat.’
    • ‘His colleagues succumbed to the bowling of Tim Grey who took 6-41.’
    • ‘Although overall the bowling wasn't as good as usual there were no 4-0 games and everyone appeared to enjoy it.’
    • ‘Lehmann admitted that the bowling so far ‘looked underdone’ but he hoped they had got the kinks out of their armour before taking on Surrey.’
    • ‘So he told himself he must not play his big shots until he had judged the state of the pitch, the pace of the bowling and the feel of the game.’
    1. 2.1 The bowlers in a team.
      ‘on paper their bowling looks weak’
      • ‘For some years now the West Indies bowling has been very weak indeed.’
      • ‘If the team cannot defend 315, there must be something wrong with the bowling and fielding.’
      • ‘At present everyone seems to have stronger bowling teams than batting, so they are putting all the batsmen under pressure.’
      • ‘He identified the improvement in the bowling and the fielding as other positives.’
      • ‘This Delhi cricketer can so easily make a difference in a key game, wading into the bowling with effortless ease.’