Definition of bow wave in English:

bow wave


  • A wave or system of waves set up at the bows of a moving ship.

    • ‘On that first day I lay in the netting slung under the bowsprit with some of the 281 metres of sail flapping softly overhead, and the bow wave lapping soporifically below.’
    • ‘You've seen them riding the bow wave of your boat, patrolling the beach just beyond the breakers or bursting from the briny to leap clear of the water, apparently just for the fun of it.’
    • ‘You can take ‘dolphin spotting’ boat trips out into Cardigan Bay, and on my first such voyage we were surrounded by scores of them, varying from large males playing in the bow wave to mothers and calves keeping a safe distance.’
    • ‘Her bow wave sends the little boat pitching like a bronco.’
    • ‘Its new patented hull design does not create a bow wave, enabling it to take off and land even in very rough conditions.’
    • ‘Groups of dolphins often follow ships, riding the bow wave and sometimes making spectacular, acrobatic leaps.’
    • ‘The two Pacific white-sided dolphins riding the bow wave of our boat are a paean to power and a testament to biomechanical efficiency.’
    • ‘In the evenings, we got into the habit of relaxing on a blacked-out deck while listening to the bow wave and watching the southern stars.’
    • ‘However, with anomalous dispersion, the bow wave's frequency jumps a whopping 20 percent of the original frequency.’
    • ‘It's not unlike hull speed in a displacement vessel, where the faster you try to go the larger your bow wave is to overcome.’
    • ‘Dip your brush lightly, scrape one side clean, then push a small blob of paint carefully along in front of the brush, like a bow wave in front of a boat.’
    • ‘Once in their midst, passengers standing one deck above the waterline looked directly down as the dolphins played in the bow wave, while a few yards away others rolled on their sides and even breached.’
    • ‘As we talked his float dipped and he struck into another, which promptly tore across the shallows, sending out a huge bow wave.’
    • ‘Manta rays can be encountered here; spinner dolphins ride the bow wave of the dive boat.’
    • ‘If you're lucky, as the sun paints the morning clouds orange, the sea will be as flat as a sheet of polythene, punctured only by flying fish shooting out of the water and dolphins swimming in the bow wave.’
    • ‘Flying clouds of spray from the bow wave made the wooden planking on the deck slippery as it drifted across the boat.’
    • ‘More than once, pulling each other out of mud or pushing a bow wave though the rivers, the four-wheel drives prove their worth.’
    • ‘The vehicle is fully amphibious, being able to swim in deeper water with less than two minutes preparation including closing holes and fitting a front vane to prevent a bow wave washing over the front windows.’
    • ‘They have sailed with dolphins dancing on their bow wave, and have been rescued from a sinking tourist boat in the Galapagos.’
    • ‘As it stood only about half a metre proud of the sea's surface, all I could make out was the huge bow wave where common dolphins flanked the whale as they would a ship.’