Definition of bow compass in English:

bow compass

(also bow compasses)


  • A compass with jointed legs.

    • ‘The types of compasses that are available can be classified as standard compass, compass leads, the beam compasses, and also the highly popular bow compasses.’
    • ‘Drop bow compasses were also referred to as rotating compasses or sometimes, incorrectly, as pump compasses.’
    • ‘FIG. 2 is a front elevational view of the bow compass shown in FIG.1, the rear elevational view being the same as the front elevational view.’
    • ‘Good bow compasses are available at the bookstore for about $6.00.’
    • ‘Set includes: - Quick acting bow compass, Small bow compass, Extension bar, Dividers, Pen attachment, 2 pen inserts with handles and a spares kit.’
    • ‘It includes a small ringhead bow compass, plus a large 4 inch divider and 4 inch compass, a drawing pen and handle, spare parts, and a lengthening bar.’
    • ‘The background is the ‘Sun & Moon’ and ‘Constellation Map " that can be drawn by using bow compass and rectangle ruler. ¡ ¡’
    • ‘As of 1968, sets included small and large bow compasses, perhaps a beam compass (for larger circles), a pair of dividers, and a ruling pen (now obsolete), or, later, a technical pen adapter.’
    • ‘Some French coopers used this kind of bow compass rather than the common hinged compass.’
    • ‘The Linex Compass Set contains a pencil compass with knee joint, a bow compass, a pen insert with handle and extra leads.’