Definition of bow-legged in English:



  • See bow legs

    • ‘Or maybe he's just had one, because he's walking kind of bow-legged.’
    • ‘Anyone who has witnessed the sorry sight of bent, bow-legged youngsters staggering to school with bags the size of bathtubs on their backs will know what I mean.’
    • ‘Whether it be verbal brickbats or rogue footballs, Rivaldo is always getting knocked down, though the lanky, bow-legged Brazilian enigma is well capable of hauling himself up.’
    • ‘Despite advancing years, both bow-legged veterans scampered up and down the pitch with the zest of teenagers, McAllister even finding the energy to score one and set up two others.’
    • ‘Do I even need to mention the guy was bow-legged?’
    • ‘Instead, they're like some dangerous cult, full of bow-legged, wiry weirdos in garish outfits, fuelled on sour dough toast and skinny latte.’