Definition of bourgeoise in English:



  • Belonging to or characteristic of female members of the bourgeoisie.

    ‘a cosy, bourgeoise, widowed ex-mayoress in a provincial town’
    • ‘A worthy dish, which can embody the sort of rusticity which the word ‘peasant’ evokes, but can also exhibit the kind of refinement associated with bourgeoise cookery.’
    • ‘And thus, not because of but despite neurology, a girl becomes the Viennese bourgeoise ideal of a woman.’
    • ‘Some see it as bourgeoise bossiness (‘In my experience the huge majority of anti-smoking busybodies are women.’’


  • A female member of the bourgeoisie.

    • ‘Whereas France has its cuisine bourgeoise, most of us are more likely to pick up a ready meal from the supermarket than use good-quality local produce to cook a meal from scratch.’
    • ‘Our newspapers were not so crooked, our politicians so crazed, our bourgeoise quite so exquisitely ripe for insult or assault.’
    • ‘Fashion designers have always been capricious in relation to woman's size, but in the past it only affected the bourgeoise or women of a certain age.’
    • ‘Mother appears to be an empty-headed bourgeoise, only interested in her appearance, her clothes, and seeing her daughters married.’
    • ‘The mother embodies the proper bourgeoise, mortified that she wet her skirt with fear, protective of her family, opposed to entering a stranger's property, but no one listens to her.’


Late 18th century: French, feminine of bourgeois ‘citizen’ (see bourgeois).