Definition of Bourdon gauge in English:

Bourdon gauge


  • A pressure gauge employing a coiled metallic tube which tends to straighten out when pressure is exerted within it.

    • ‘Additionally, if the system is to be used for classroom demonstrations, the dual gauges help to illustrate that there's still quite a bit to vacuum below where the Bourdon gauge bottoms out.’
    • ‘The fluid lab includes some equipment that is mainly used for fluid experimentation, such as the flow over immersed bodies, flow in pipes and conjunctions, pumping systems, flow-meters calibration, Bourdon gauges and manometers.’
    • ‘Most gauges in a sprayer system are the C-shaped Bourdon gauges.’
    • ‘A Bourdon tube is coupled to an indicating needle driving mechanism of a Bourdon gauge at one end by way of a connecting arm fixed in place by welding.’
    • ‘A less expensive but adequate alternative to the pressure transducer is a small Bourdon gauge.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, because of its simplicity and low cost, and the large selection of pressure ranges which are available, the Bourdon gauge is widely used in engineering practice.’
    • ‘A Bourdon gauge offers a quick visual check of the vacuum status of a chamber prior to opening a door to the chamber.’
    • ‘A reservoir with isolating valve allows the calibrator, Bourdon gauge and pressure sensor to be easily primed.’
    • ‘Attachment of a nasal cannula to a Bourdon gauge regulator is not associated with statistically significant differences in delivered flow rate.’


Mid 19th century: named after Eugène Bourdon (1808–84), French hydraulic engineer.


Bourdon gauge