Definition of bounty hunting in English:

bounty hunting


mass noun
  • 1The activity or practice of pursuing criminals or fugitives for whom a reward is offered, especially as a profession.

    ‘collecting relevant information about the person you are after and reducing it to actionable intelligence is the essence of bounty hunting’
    as modifier ‘the bounty-hunting business’
    • ‘The bounty hunting system will allow those hunting said bad guy many different methods to find him.’
    • ‘She was a fashion model before turning to bounty hunting as a profession.’
    • ‘Hell-bent on avenging his brother's murder, the sheriff takes the law into his own hands with the help of a bounty hunting duo.’
    • ‘Because bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico, prosecutors there charged the three with kidnapping and asked US authorities to arrest them.’
    • ‘There are states that are making the practice of bail recovery or of bounty hunting illegal.’
    1. 1.1 The activity or practice of hunting wild animals in order to collect a reward offered for killing them.
      ‘bounty hunting virtually wiped out cougar populations in the Midwest’
      • ‘The species continued to exist on Tasmania, where it eventually succumbed to habitat destruction and bounty hunting.’
      • ‘The arrival of European sheep farmers had impacted on the thylacine in a range of ways, including bounty hunting between 1830 and 1909.’
      • ‘Florida is seeking snake bounty hunters to cull its booming python population.’
      • ‘Many people believe that bounty hunting alone could not have driven this marsupial to extinction.’
      • ‘The low numbers were blamed on habitat loss, bounty hunting, and damage from pesticides.’