Definition of boundlessness in English:



  • See boundless

    • ‘The urge for unlimited vastness and boundlessness must be overcome.’
    • ‘When the western frontier's apparent boundlessness was revealed as only ostensible - when lines were measured and laid down across it, disproving its infiniteness - this escape route was cut off.’
    • ‘The attraction of such cities as New York is the promise of boundlessness, of the sky being the only limit to human ambition.’
    • ‘To stand on the footbridges that straddle the Run and look up the ice as riders on toboggans hurtle head-first beneath your feet at speeds of 120 km/h or better is to be awed by the boundlessness of human folly.’
    • ‘With allusions to the heavenly clutter of planets and stars, Fukui gives his canvases a feeling of boundlessness.’