Definition of boundary rider in English:

boundary rider


Australian, NZ
  • 1A person employed to maintain the outer fences of a cattle or sheep station.

    • ‘As every history book tells us this great mineral lode was discovered - on a ridge described as ‘a broken hill’ - in 1883 by Charles Rasp, boundary rider and amateur geologist.’
    • ‘He pegged the first mineral lease at Broken Hill, NSW, while working as a boundary rider in September 1883.’
    • ‘In 1900, Ah Hang, a part Aboriginal-Chinese boundary rider died of thirst at Cordillo.’
    • ‘He started his working life as a boundary rider before getting involved in farming and grazing.’
    • ‘Help, miraculously, appeared in the form of two boundary riders from the nearest dwelling, the Glenample Homestead.’
    • ‘Charles came to Australia in 1869 and eventually found employment as a boundary rider at Mount Gipps Station near Silverton.’
    • ‘Jobs such as fencers, boundary riders, bookkeeper, well sinkers, blacksmith, saddler, cook, teamster, dogger, shearer or cameleer were in great and constant demand.’
    • ‘He broke up a soap box, put his leg in splints, and drove his team to the nearest boundary rider's hut, from where he was taken to Port Augusta.’
    • ‘The reason for the speedy growth was mining - a boundary rider was checking the fences and found silver, zinc and lead.’
    1. 1.1Australian Rules Football A roving reporter at a football game, especially one who is based on the playing field boundary and has specialist knowledge of the game.
      ‘Channel 7's boundary rider interviewed him up close and personal’
      • ‘The sports physiologist and TV medical "boundary rider" said some junior footballers were playing too much footy in an attempt to attract the attention of recruiters.’
      • ‘After footy he became a TV and later radio sport reporter and was Channel Seven's boundary rider at AFL games in Perth.’
      • ‘They definitely don't cross to the boundary rider every few minutes to ask 'is it as loud down there as it seems?'’
      • ‘The station broadcast two games of AFL football each week and he started as the boundary rider and producer.’
      • ‘But if there was an award for most words in 10 seconds, it surely went to the Irish "Dipper" post match boundary rider as he questioned players immediately after Ireland won the second of the International Rules Tests overnight at Croke Park.’
      • ‘The 'action cam' is used to perform roving boundary rider camcorder duties.’
      • ‘The AFL saw its first female 'boundary rider' debut in 2007.’
      • ‘Injuries are such an important factor in the modern game that the idea of having an actual doctor as a boundary rider/reporter is good in theory.’
      • ‘Incensed with Seven's coverage of the Blues' loss to Sydney, he took his criticisms to boundary rider Cameron Ling at the half-time break.’
      • ‘Channel Seven's boundary rider has been banned from Sydney's changerooms after his assistant coaching role with Fremantle was announced.’