Definition of bound up with (or in) in English:

bound up with (or in)


  • Closely connected with or related to.

    ‘democracy is bound up with a measure of economic and social equality’
    • ‘The collections are therefore closely bound up with one another and, to some degree, interdependent.’
    • ‘The outcome of an act of discipline is closely bound up with how a child experiences that relationship.’
    • ‘The fortunes of Surrey were naturally closely bound up with the fortunes of London.’
    • ‘It's too big a subject - too bound up with who I was, who I wanted to be and who I've become.’
    • ‘We are internationalists, and we know very well that our fate is bound up with that of the rest of the world.’
    • ‘Let me warn you to remember that the salvation of your soul, and nothing less, is closely bound up with the subject.’
    • ‘These properties are closely bound up with the unique cultural role and status of books.’
    • ‘In Papua New Guinea the past remains closely bound up with the present.’
    • ‘This unbridled opportunism is closely bound up with their own political past.’
    • ‘An individual's sense of identity is closely bound up with roles he or she plays at home and work.’
    connected with, linked with, tied up with, united with, allied to, attached to, dependent on, reliant on
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