Definition of bouncing in English:



  • 1(of a baby) vigorous and healthy.

    ‘Lisa gave birth to a bouncing baby boy’
    • ‘Both mother and child are doing very well, and the bouncing baby boy weighed in at seven pounds and 10 and a half ounces.’
    • ‘It was there that she brought into the world a bouncing baby boy.’
    • ‘Come the end of January there will be a brand new bouncing baby gurgling away.’
    • ‘Myra fell pregnant again and presented William with a bouncing baby boy this time.’
    • ‘Their bouncing baby boy was something of a surprise as he was not due for another six days.’
    • ‘I'm pleased to say that Rowan truly seems to be a bouncing baby, and seems none the worse for his ordeal.’
    • ‘Within a year of starting the trial, he was the proud father of a bouncing baby girl.’
    • ‘Mark is going to be the father of a beautiful bouncing baby.’
    • ‘She was well cared for, and had a beautiful bouncing baby girl, whom she named Sylvia.’
    • ‘Congratulations and best wishes from all her patients to our district nurse Denise who gave birth recently to a bouncing baby girl.’
    • ‘I traversed out to cloudy California for a few days to visit some friends, including their newest addition, a bouncing baby boy.’
    • ‘Now he is a lively, healthy bouncing 20-month old with no signs to show he was so desperately ill.’
    • ‘Congratulations on the birth of their first child, a bouncing baby boy.’
    • ‘Usually the arrival of a bouncing baby is greeted with joy.’
    • ‘Nursing staff said the bouncing baby was delivered into the arms of her mum as most people were still ringing in the New Year.’
    • ‘By an amazing coincidence two of his daughters gave birth to bouncing babies on the same day.’
    • ‘Nine months later, they will be then rewarded with a beautiful bouncing baby.’
    • ‘Jimmy's niece Lisa gave birth at midnight to a bouncing baby boy.’
    • ‘But in the end, my wife, whom I'm extremely proud of, gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.’
    • ‘I'm hoping that this will work out for the best and that I'll have a healthy bouncing baby in about 8 months time.’
    vigorous, thriving, flourishing, blooming
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  • 2Lively and confident.

    ‘by the next day she was her usual bouncing, energetic self’
    • ‘The parking attendant ushered us into a spot right outside and we were met at the door by the bouncing effervescent staff.’
    • ‘He'll also able to hold up his head confidently, so you can enjoy bouncing, jiggling action rhymes together.’
    • ‘Flittering melodies, sunny, bouncing guitar lines and brushed percussion give the record a spirited, yet blithe air to it.’
    • ‘The sight of the surprisingly lively Sparhawk hopping around on stage for all the bouncing guitar parts makes the live version even better.’
    cheerful, lively, vivacious, animated, bubbly, effervescent, bouncy, spirited, high-spirited, in high spirits, cheery, merry, buoyant, ebullient, exuberant, jaunty, frisky, sprightly, spry, bright, sunny, jolly, full of the joys of spring, sparkly, pert
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