Definition of bouncinette in English:



NZ, Australian
  • A seat for a baby, consisting of a fabric harness on a sprung metal frame that allows for a gentle rocking motion.

    ‘the baby was gurgling and kicking in his bouncinette’
    • ‘He responded to the noise by rocking madly back and forth in his bouncinette.’
    • ‘She is securely tucked into her bouncinette while Hannah gets a bottle of expressed milk ready.’
    • ‘He put the little guy in the bouncinette and began packing.’
    • ‘Lying on the bouncinette, it took all his energy just to move an arm or a leg.’
    • ‘I would put him in his bouncinette and sing songs to him.’
    • ‘All he ever needed was to be with people, having his bouncinette gently rocked.’
    • ‘A baby generally cries because it's hungry or because its doll has fallen out of its bouncinette.’
    • ‘Most kids have spent time in a bouncinette, those ramp-like baby chairs that bub can lie in and watch you go about your day.’
    • ‘Grace sits at the kitchen table paying bills over the phone, while Jake lies in his bouncinette that Aunt Margie gave to Grace.’
    • ‘I would have one on each breast and a bouncinette in front of me which I'd rock with my foot.’