Definition of bough in English:



  • A main branch of a tree.

    ‘apple boughs laden with blossom’
    • ‘He quickly picked apples from the boughs of the tree, throwing them forcefully down upon the heads of his assailants.’
    • ‘Trees drew in their boughs and leaves, revealing the bare, lonesome path.’
    • ‘People are collecting the branches and boughs of trees smashed down by the icy snow.’
    • ‘Overlap Christmas tree boughs and evergreen prunings atop beds to protect newly planted and tender perennials and bulbs.’
    • ‘The boughs of the pine trees drooped with mounds of fluffy snow, and every branch of the hardwoods was outlined in white.’
    • ‘He took hold of the tree bough and jumped up, heaving himself onto the branch and disappearing among the leaves.’
    • ‘Through the gently swaying boughs of trees a cloudless, azure sky was visible, heralding the beginning of a hot, clear day.’
    • ‘It was completely silent and tree boughs splintered the moonlight.’
    • ‘The boughs of a bougainvillea tree in full bloom had climbed over the wall and formed a sweet-smelling canopy above her.’
    • ‘It had been a very sunny day, and he was calmly enjoying the warmth, sitting on one of the uppermost boughs of a village tree.’
    • ‘Garland, wreaths, and pine tree boughs would be hung, red candles lit in the windows, and holly branches attached to the outside of the pews with big red bows.’
    • ‘Old newspapers soaked in water and wrapped around a wire coat hanger were decorated with pine boughs from a backyard tree.’
    • ‘After Christmas, use boughs of discarded trees to protect plants from sunscald and frost heave.’
    • ‘In Woodlore, for instance, the bough of a tree spreads its yellow branches against a green background.’
    • ‘She sat under the boughs of a tree and cried, and her tears formed this pool, this pool the direst of blue to symbolize her sorrow.’
    • ‘He smiled gently, pale blue eyes glimmering ever so slightly in the moonlight that flickered down through the boughs of the tree.’
    • ‘It looked rather like someone had chopped off a tree bough and roughly hewn off all the twigs and leaves.’
    • ‘We are also planning enhancement programs using tree boughs to alter the flow of the current.’
    • ‘As she dropped off to sleep, some of the boughs of the tree bent down and covered the entrance of hollow, obscuring her from view.’
    • ‘Looking around, Jacob was astonished to find large plates of metal hanging down from the lower boughs of the tall trees.’
    branch, limb, arm, twig, sprig, offshoot, spur
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Old English bōg, bōh ‘bough or shoulder’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch boeg ‘shoulders or ship's bow’, German Bug ‘ship's bow’ and ‘horse's hock or shoulder’, also to bow.