Definition of botulinum toxin in English:

botulinum toxin

(also botulinus toxin)


  • another term for botulin
    • ‘Well, yes, it is a chemical toxin; its proper name is botulinum toxin.’
    • ‘The prospect of having needles inserted into my face didn't fill me with joy, but it sounded a lot less scary than injecting a botulinum toxin into the offending areas.’
    • ‘What shocked bird conservationists was that symptoms of the two spoonbills were different from those infected by the C. botulinum toxin.’
    • ‘In some patients botulinus toxin can be injected in the muscles of the dominant arm.’
    • ‘The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and some state health departments keep a supply of antitoxin against botulinum toxin.’
    • ‘Significantly higher patient satisfaction was reported in the botulinum toxin type A group than the placebo group.’
    • ‘Today botulinum toxin is widely known as a pharmaceutical agent with multiple uses and has been propelled into the public eye after it was widely reported in the lay press as an antiwrinkle drug for facial cosmetic enhancement.’
    • ‘An antibody against botulinum toxin is available, which binds to the toxin and inactivates it.’
    • ‘Pedal botulinum toxin injection is unacceptable to most patients and some doctors.’
    • ‘For example, someone who buys canned or dried milk would run a much lower risk of getting poisoned by botulinum toxin in milk.’
    • ‘The disorder can be treated with drugs or injections of the poison botulinum toxin, that temporarily weakens the muscles involved, but even ‘dinosaur doses’ did not help.’
    • ‘The full potential of the botulinum toxin will probably be known within the next five years, but as its injection into spastic muscles is a simple procedure, the intervention may well eventually be used in general practice.’
    • ‘Any botulinum toxin would now also be so much sludge.’
    • ‘Endocytosis is also used as a route of access into the cell by rogue invaders: certain toxins, such as botulinum toxin, or enveloped viruses, such as the influenza virus.’
    • ‘Clostridium botulinum, the bacteria which produces botulinum toxin, is a normal soil bacterium.’
    • ‘At eight weeks, nine of 15 patients in the botulinum toxin group and two of 16 patients in the saline group reported pain relief exceeding 50 percent.’
    • ‘The most commonly known are bacteria such as anthrax, plague, and tularemia, and toxins such as botulinum toxin.’
    • ‘Very small amounts of botulinum toxin can lead to botulism, a descending paralysis with prominent bulbar symptoms and often affecting the autonomic nervous system.’
    • ‘The public has become more aware of treatments such as botulinum toxin type A and hyaluronic acid because of the media attention they have received.’
    • ‘But despite the protests the party went ahead, with more than 40 satisfied guests leaving with a few glasses of wine, some party food and a spot of the deadly botulinum toxin inside them.’


botulinum toxin