Definition of bottomed in English:



  • 1in combination Having a base or lowest point of the specified kind.

    ‘a heavy-bottomed copper pan’
    ‘a clear, sandy-bottomed lake’
    ‘a rather unique glass-bottomed boat’
    • ‘Near the headwaters, there's a necklace of four soft-bottomed ponds where egrets stand watch on the shore and owls roost beneath bridges.’
    • ‘Another reported UFO was a hovering red-bottomed spaceship that suddenly disappears.’
    • ‘Some of the chairs were described as leather-bottomed, indicating seats upholstered in leather.’
    • ‘The River Safari's steel-bottomed boats make a great afternoon's adventure.’
    • ‘The swim coach carried one of those ubiquitous blue-bottomed first-aid kits.’
  • 2in combination Having buttocks of the specified kind.

    ‘big-bottomed tourists’
    ‘babies sat, bare-bottomed, in the sand’
    • ‘The subject was a cheeky-faced, chubby-bottomed urchin of about twelve.’
    • ‘Tribes of these red-bottomed monkeys regularly overrun government office compounds.’
    • ‘One collage features a big-bottomed showgirl in a sparkly wig, red gloves, and little else.’
    • ‘Japanese green tea drinkers also consume less sodium than fat-bottomed American fizzy drink lovers.’
    • ‘We view huge bulls bellowing like gladiators and bow-legged, skinny-bottomed cowboys in chaps, nonchalantly smoking roll-ups.’