Definition of bottom note in English:

bottom note


  • 1The lowest or a very low note in a piece of music or a singer's vocal range.

    ‘I always sing the bottom note first’
    • ‘She gave an experimental wail, starting high at the top of her register and plunging in a grave glissando right down to her bottom note.’
    • ‘It didnt work, he could not reach the bottom notes.’
    • ‘No one in popular music can hit the bottom notes like him.’
    • ‘His baritonal quality is belied by his rich bottom notes.’
    • ‘The bottom notes don't need to sound like low pitched thumps, and the break can be improved as well.’
    • ‘For the melody playback section, it states that the examiner will play a melody twice and the player needs to play back the bottom notes.’
    • ‘When the music descended below the range of the double bass (the bottom note for the cello is C), the bass player would simply transpose up an octave.’
    • ‘If her top notes sound thin, she's matched at the other end of the scale by Paul, whose bottom notes almost disappear.’
    • ‘Lower the bottom note a little.’
    • ‘Her voice had a burnished, positively masculine set of bottom notes, and her agility in florid passages was the best in the cast.’
  • 2(in perfumery) the longest-lasting element of a fragrance.

    ‘the bottom notes of most scents typically belong to the woody, mossy, spicy, or musky fragrance families’
    Also called base note
    ‘an enticing blend of blackberries and raspberries with bottom notes of musk and vanilla’
    • ‘Unlike complex fragrances containing top, middle, and bottom notes that evolve throughout the day, single notes express themselves right away and don't change over time.’
    • ‘A delicious blend of exotic fruit and floral essences, the fresh top notes of Bergamot and mandarin are complemented by the warm and sumptuous bottom note blended from Tahiti vanilla and milky sandalwood.’
    • ‘A bottom note neutralizes the citrus with musk, sandalwood and patchouli, adding a warmth reminiscent of sunlight.’
    • ‘Dark cacao is a key component of a spicy bottom note while blue agava, along with orchid, geranium and sea salt, forms the middle note.’
    • ‘It's quite astonishing when you see the numbers of different materials in the different use levels required to create a full perfume that has top, middle and bottom notes.’
    • ‘There's something outdoorsy about it with bottom notes of tonka bean, amber, and vanilla.’
    • ‘Then with the bottom notes made up of natural Virginia white cedar dominated by powerful notes of ambrox and white musk, this imaginary bouquet takes shape and draws its energy.’
    • ‘This woody-floral-oriental has top notes of pink pepper and orange blossom with bottom notes of elegant cedar and sensual benzoin.’
    • ‘The perfume contains an array of sensual scents including a top note of red grape, orange blossom, mandarin and plum and a bottom note of vanilla, golden amber and sandalwood.’
    • ‘The official top notes include Italian Bergamot, ginger oil, coriander seed oil with bottom notes of creamy cedarwood, cashmere musk, and benzoin (a scent similar to vanilla).’
    • ‘These elements are those parts of the fragrance that would be considered the bottom notes, those scents that will linger the longest on the nose as the day or night wears on.’