Definition of bottom fermentation in English:

bottom fermentation


mass noun
  • The process by which lager-type beers are fermented, proceeding for a relatively long period at low temperature with the yeast falling to the bottom.

    • ‘It is one of the best house beers made with bottom fermentation method which brings with a mild scent and delicate taste.’
    • ‘Fermentation with bottom fermentation yeast takes place at between 7° C and 9° C and requires some 6 to 7 days, whereby the yeast eventually settles at the bottom of the vessel.’
    • ‘Chief among these advances was a more thorough understanding of bottom fermentation and lager beer production, which became the standard method in Germany, Bohemia and Austria.’
    • ‘From Bavaria, bottom fermentation then spread north and west throughout most of Europe.’
    • ‘Known as bottom fermentation, to ensure hygienic conditions, enclosed fermenters are used with a conical base, in which the yeast settles into the base.’
    • ‘This was called ‘bottom fermentation’, or ‘lagering’, and the resulting lager beers were pale straw coloured, light in flavour and body, and kept extraordinarily well.’
    • ‘The Marlborough Brewing Company brews 2500 Litre batches using ‘bottom fermentation’ to produce 100% natural beers.’
    • ‘Ostravar Original is a light beer brewed using the traditional bottom fermentation technique.’
    • ‘In 1876 Carl Linde invented the cooling machine, that allowed bottom fermentation brew production at any time of the year.’
    • ‘The majority of industrial beers are produced by bottom fermentation, a procedure that was discovered about 150 years ago.’
    • ‘When at the end of fermentation the yeast cells sink to the bottom, the process is known as bottom fermentation, used for lager or Pils.’
    • ‘The technique involved using yeast for bottom fermentation and fermenting at top fermentation temperatures.’
    • ‘In 1894, de Bavay became head brewer for the Fosters and turned his attention from top to bottom fermentation.’
    • ‘Top fermented, unlike lagers, this beer still demonstrates the lightness associated with bottom fermentation.’
    • ‘In this, he did refer to bottom fermentation and lagering, though the descriptions of yeast are vague.’
    • ‘It is called bottom fermentation because the yeast settles on the bottom of the vessel.’