Definition of bottom-dwelling in English:



  • (of an aquatic organism) living on or near the bed of the sea, a lake, or other body of water.

    • ‘Both seas show examples of gigantism among their simpler, bottom-dwelling creatures.’
    • ‘The spearer dines on soft-bodied bottom-dwelling fish.’
    • ‘Excessive loads of silt and other sediments caused by erosion can suffocate bottom-dwelling plants and animals.’
    • ‘So they'll eat just about any type of bottom-dwelling organism, including snails, sea cucumbers and the occasional rock.’
    • ‘This would permit survival of an intermittent bottom-dwelling fauna whose activities would result in the mixing of the biogenic input to destroy any lamination.’
    • ‘Marine gobies are typically bottom-dwelling fish that live in shallow water.’
    • ‘Lobsters are bottom-feeding predators and their diet consists of worms, mussels, snails and other small marine bottom-dwelling organisms.’
    • ‘The dioxin was found in free-range ducks, free-range chickens, a bottom-dwelling fish and a toad.’
    • ‘This, plus the reduced amount of oxygen in the water, would help account for the extinction of bottom-dwelling microorganisms.’
    • ‘The toll extends to the loss of oysters and other bottom-dwelling organisms - important food sources for herons and other wading birds - as well as fish and sea turtles that depend on the seagrass.’
    • ‘From the same family as rays, skates are bottom-dwelling fish usually found in shallow coastal waters.’
    • ‘Pounding on the bottom worsened the damage and altogether the ship destroyed more than 15,000 square feet of coral and caused widespread destruction of bottom-dwelling organisms and fish habitat.’
    • ‘Shellfish and other bottom-dwelling animals, for instance, are fed by the nutrient fallout from above and by currents from the side.’
    • ‘He argues that bilaterian body plans originated and radiated on the seabed rather than floating or swimming in water and that we should seek the fossil evidence among bottom-dwelling forms.’
    • ‘They do not seem to have the conventional design of bottom-dwelling fishes, although they are often depicted in that fashion.’
    • ‘The Common Skate, a slow-growing bottom-dwelling fish found in shallow coastal waters, is described as almost fished to extinction in the Irish Sea.’
    • ‘Don't ignore the seabed to your left, as this is home to all sorts of bottom-dwelling fish, crustaceans, tube worms, anemones and, in the spring and summer months, hordes of juvenile cuttlefish.’
    • ‘Sphyraena barracuda will feed on both bottom-dwelling species as well as species of the higher water column.’
    • ‘As we were getting accustomed to the unusual topography, a pair of bottom-dwelling juvenile batfishes drifted lazily by.’
    • ‘These are bottom-dwelling fish with flat, wedge-shaped heads and large pectoral fins which help them to move about on the seabed.’