Definition of bottlescrew in English:



  • another term for turnbuckle
    • ‘To reduce normal weather helm loosen the backstay bottlescrew and tighten the forestay bottlescrew.’
    • ‘As we saw earlier, this is equivalent to just over one turn of the bottlescrew, or about 0.7kg in increased shroud tension.’
    • ‘We haven't tried that yet, but have found it excellent for greasing bottlescrews and as a multi-purpose waterproof lubricant for any number of jobs on board.’
    • ‘One other key fact you need to establish is how your bottlescrews are threaded.’
    • ‘All standing rigging is made from 4 mm stainless steel wire (with the exception of the backstay, for which 3 mm stainless steel wire is used) with rolled cotter terminals and bottlescrews on deck.’
    • ‘This rig kit includes sails, carbon mast. mast stub, gooseneck/compression strut, 2 booms, boom bands and grips, wire cord, bottlescrews and bowsies.’
    • ‘Old bottlescrews or turnbuckles were reconditioned, and new wire was spliced for the standing rigging.’
    • ‘(Kate had bottlescrews on the shrouds and shackles on the fore stay but we never adjusted them in 14 years).’
    • ‘We came ashore, sorted the bottlescrew, reset the rig and went back out for some more work.’
    • ‘Once you have unpacked the cradle completely, start by fixing the support frames to the end frames (without the bottlescrews).’