Definition of bottlenose whale in English:

bottlenose whale

(also bottle-nosed whale)


  • A beaked whale of variable colour, with a bulbous forehead.

    Genus Hyperoodon, family Ziphiidae: two species

    • ‘The link was forged - our tropical bottlenose whale was indeed Longman's long-lost whale!’
    • ‘The young northern bottlenose whale died aboard a rescue barge that was taking her back to sea.’
    • ‘I realized that the bottlenose whale in the Tropics was not the southern bottlenose whale.’
    • ‘So the ultimate would be to put this on a sperm whale or a bottlenose whale or something like that.’
    • ‘Results of an autopsy on the bottlenose whale, which didn't survive a last-ditch rescue operation, were released today.’