Definition of bottle store in English:

bottle store

(also bottle shop)


NZ, South African, Australian
  • another term for off-licence
    • ‘So we picked up a four pack of drinks from the bottle shop, which is so conveniently located in the carpark of the pub.’
    • ‘Selina phoned me this morning from the bottle store in her village.’
    • ‘It is far easier to whack on a pair of jeans and grab a bottle of wine from the bottle shop and have a plate of noodles.’
    • ‘What there was, was a job serving in the bottle shop - ‘a kind of drive-in off licence’ - attached to one of the pubs.’
    • ‘The place has sanitation facilities, and a shop that doubles as a bottle store.’
    • ‘In Christchurch the bottle shop opposite the Little Brown Jug in Wairakie Road have a good ongoing supply.’
    • ‘These days it houses a bottle store and a hairdressing salon on its ground floor, and seamstresses and tailors on its upper floors.’
    • ‘We should not blame the guy who is rushed off his feet in a hotel bottle store, or the bottle store owner who makes a mistake because a 17-year-old comes who looks 25.’
    • ‘Altar wines aren't what you'd expect to find at your suburban bottle shop but in Hobart they are now available.’
    • ‘His bottle store down the road had a car sticking out of it, too.’
    • ‘New businesses will comprise a shopping center, a general dealers, a bottle store and a restaurant.’
    • ‘So if you're not bothered about the taste, save yourself from reading any of our reviews, grab your coat, go down the bottle store and get yourself a cheap dozen.’
    • ‘When I mentioned that this bill was around, my son, who was working in a bottle store at the time, said to me that I must be off my rocker if I thought workers wanted to have to work on Christmas Day.’
    • ‘It seems we are the first people in the history of Vulcans not to go to the bottle shop, for the waiter mentions either wine or the bottle shop a further three times before the meal is over.’
    • ‘Ice-blocks were donated by a local bottle store.’
    • ‘That suburb is Emmarentia, one of several suburbs established from the larger Braamfontein farm, and still without a bottle store.’
    • ‘Kazmaier said the mall was close to becoming the number one shopping centre in Windhoek, once more attractions like a bottle store are added.’
    • ‘Nzima set up a bottle store after he settled up north, and later served as a member of parliament in the homeland Gazankulu government.’
    • ‘Ngcingwane, who owns three supermarkets, a garage and a bottle store, was asleep when the men broke in through the kitchen door and windows.’
    • ‘Van Eck says he will be renovating the ground floor of the building before the end of the year, sprucing up the inside of the bottle store - an approach the City hopes will catch on.’