Definition of bottle something up in English:

bottle something up

phrasal verb

  • Repress or conceal feelings over time.

    ‘his anger and frustration had been bottled up for years’
    • ‘I wanted him to tell me when he was upset and talk about it, instead of bottling it up and getting withdrawn and treating me like a distant relative or seriously platonic friend.’
    • ‘It's often a huge relief to children to have this silence broken and able to share their thoughts and feelings instead of bottling them up.’
    • ‘You can't bottle them up inside, because they explode like a volcano.’
    • ‘You know how self-criticism and bottling things up affects your well-being, so be kind and gentle to yourself this week.’
    • ‘I mean, venting is better than bottling it up, right?’
    • ‘When he was irritated, he swallowed it down and bottled it up, and even when he had little reason to be so, he would still always be polite to those who didn't deserve it.’
    • ‘You can't hide your true feelings, because if you bottle them up then they will get out somehow.’
    • ‘He had been a normal, healthy, happy young man, but afterwards he did not seek help for his mental problems and bottled things up.’
    • ‘Venting feelings is better than bottling them up.’
    • ‘She said of her husband: ‘He would sometimes discuss problems and sometimes bottle them up.’’
    suppress, repress, restrain, withhold, keep back, keep in check, keep in, hold in, rein in, bite back, choke back, swallow, fight back, curb, inhibit, smother, stifle, contain, shut in, conceal, hide
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