Definition of bottle someone/thing up in English:

bottle someone/thing up

phrasal verb

  • Keep someone or something trapped or contained:

    ‘he had to stay bottled up in New York’
    • ‘Alongside him, Denis Glennon drifted outfield but Dublin bottled him up wherever he went, limiting him to just a point.’
    • ‘Not only did the injury keep him out of five games, it also forced him to take on too many offensive linemen when making plays, and he was bottled up in the process.’
    • ‘But Mnguni is not taking chances with the wayward fighter and has bottled him up at his home in Vincent to monitor him.’
    • ‘They've bottled us up so that when the forces of the walled city arrive, we'll have no escape.’
    • ‘Instead, let's actually spend some money (rather than bottling it up in committee) on research, because you never know what you'll find.’
    • ‘David Brennan was bottled up in the right corner but managed to get the ball back across the goal.’
    • ‘I do not recall how many of Clinton's nominees were bottled up in committee or blue slipped, but I am quite confident that none of them were filibustered.’
    • ‘What about those little regional department stores that have been bought up and bottled up?’
    • ‘Your friendly neighborhood multilateralist thinks it can be bottled up, buried in bureaucracy, bogged down in red tape.’
    • ‘Labour-hungry commercial farmers would benefit, as workers would be bottled up in the rural areas.’