Definition of bottle party in English:

bottle party


  • A party to which guests bring bottles of drink.

    • ‘Spiritualism, the question of whether religion was decaying, the question of what attitude to adopt towards bottle parties, nightclubs, revues and chorus girls, and all problems involving women: those were its leading features.’
    • ‘This was the period of Ragtime and Jazz when at their bottle parties the Bohemians shuffled and shimmied round the room to some ragtime song played on an old gramophone, until the dawn brought the parties’ end.’
    • ‘Suddenly, in the face of job searches and grad school applications, Greek Week and bottle parties just didn't seem very important, and so they quit.’
    • ‘Two hundred M. P.s signed a motion in the House of Commons ‘deploring bottle parties.’’
    • ‘These were not night clubs as we know them today; these were bottle parties.’
    • ‘This was later converted to ‘bachelors quarters’, presumably when the more sedate members objected to the noise of the young bloods’ bottle parties, after the bar had closed.’
    • ‘And it evokes the period of the eighties, the times of bottle parties and slow-dance.’
    • ‘The 1920s, self-evidently, were the era of the bottle party and the Bright Young Things, the Charleston and the shimmy, cigarette holders and mock Tudor.’
    • ‘In Saint Paul's Bay I was always an organiser of bottle parties.’


bottle party