Definition of bottle-o in English:


(also bottle-oh)


NZ, Australian
  • 1A shop selling alcoholic drink for consumption elsewhere.

    ‘I went to the bottle-o to buy him a six pack’
    • ‘That was a cue to get to the bottle-o and buy him a six pack.’
    • ‘The drink is available at all good bottle-os, and even at the Melbourne Uni bar.’
    • ‘An employee at the Bottle-O said it was well known there was a recording studio and there were often people buying bottles of bourbon and "jamming" in the block next door.’
    • ‘For a true representation of the beer drinking experience, head out to said bottle-O, buy a couple six packs of cans, then pour one down your face, one down the back of your neck and one over whoever's sitting next to you.’
    • ‘I fell off a six meter tall pallet of beer back when I worked at a bottle-o.’
    • ‘As you head towards your local bottle-o, your car navigation system alerts you that a bottle-o 200m down the road has your favourite beer with a two-for-one special.’
    • ‘When I first stopped drinking alcohol, one of the issues I had was that every time I drove anywhere, I would drive past several bottle-os.’
    • ‘At 9pm we all met up before the night out and immediately went to the drive thru bottle-o.’
    • ‘I was able to follow your meanderings via the medium of the interwebs whilst drinking along with several new Aussie craft brews from the local bottle-o.’
    1. 1.1 A dealer in used bottles.
      ‘the bottle-o brought around his truck, counted them, and handed over the dosh’
      • ‘Next door to us on the other side was a paddock where the bottleoh kept his draught horses.’
      • ‘I even longed for the real Australian rubbish in other families' yards, like the stack of 'dead marines' waiting for the bottle-oh on the back porch.’
      • ‘She hated being a bottle-oh. "Don't screw up your nose, Pen. It's for an important cause. And we need heaps of bottles, so you can't just hang around the picnic tables here."’
      • ‘He was a Bottle-o; he would take all the bottles back and get the three-penny refund on them.’
      • ‘As a veteran Sydney bottle-o, the concept of bottle recycling has certainly not incurred my wrath.’