Definition of Boston crab in English:

Boston crab


  • A hold in which a wrestler sits astride a prone opponent and pulls upwards on the opponent's legs.

    • ‘‘Bill, what's the difference between a single-leg Boston crab and a double-leg Boston crab?’’
    • ‘Chuck had applied a Boston crab at one point, but let go of one leg, and held a single leg crab.’
    • ‘The difference is this: Put a kid in a Boston crab and he'll scream ‘uncle’ rather quickly and end up with little more than a sore back and bruised ego.’
    • ‘One could make the argument that fans simply lost interest in watching him win matches with Boston crabs.’
    • ‘The masked wrestler is now in his fifties, and probably incapable of pulling off a Boston crab, but his site keeps alive the memory of British wrestling's most enigmatic star.’
    • ‘As well as his special move, I was also treated to the delight of the camel clutch and the Boston crab.’