Definition of bosthoon in English:


(also bostoon)


  • An uncouth or ignorant man or boy.

    • ‘That's Tears and Rust, not Tears ‘in’ Rust, you shower of bosthoons.’
    • ‘Egged on by shrill cries of approval from the ladies’ auxiliary, strapping bosthoons executed nimble jigs and reels, sang come-all-ye's, and vied with each other in hurling refuse cans the length of the street.’
    • ‘He had stood there, like a big bostoon of a boy, open-mouthed and speechless since she had first arrived.’
    • ‘Maybe one day I'll take a fancy to one of them and go off to live like a lady, and not be treated like a great strapping bosthoon of a hired hand.’
    • ‘Didn't you know, you bosthoon, that when I said ‘holding the plough,’ I meant reddening the ground.’
    • ‘It was like listening to somebody trying to play a trombone at the bottom of a swimming pool, and meantime some bosthoon in black tights is skipping around the fountain tossing things into it.’
    lout, boor, barbarian, neanderthal, churl, clown, gawk, hulk, bumpkin, yokel
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Mid 19th century: from Irish bastún.