Definition of boss-eyed in English:



  • Cross-eyed or squinting.

    ‘a boss-eyed sidekick’
    ‘I was boss-eyed looking for you on TV’
    • ‘Increasingly it feels as if the violence did not go away but was supplemented by a vile and damaging hatred among those who used to bring something more worthwhile to the ground than a boss-eyed devotion to one team.’
    • ‘When I was at school in the 80s we used to have these awful Country Dancing lessons which involved prancing up and down our school hall beneath the boss-eyed instruction of a mad pensioner.’
    • ‘She ordered wine from a boss-eyed kid behind the bar who had a strange patch of greying hair at the back of his head like he'd fallen asleep against a blackboard.’
    • ‘He was standing at his door with a mug of tea in hand, boss-eyed after hours on the computer sending begging letters.’
    • ‘This long weekend will see a nation boss-eyed with self-indulgent excitement, hooked on the dangerous drug of royal nostalgia.’


Mid 19th century: compare with dialect boss ‘miss, bungle’, of unknown origin.